STUMBLED UPON: ‘Drop Your Guard’ by Jasmine Thompson

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I was just surfing the web when this song just suddenly played from this VUBE site. Intrigued with her voice, I listened… and listened… and listened.

And so should you.

The young lady’s name is JASMINE THOMPSON. A quick googled revealed she’s of half-English, half-Chinese descent (very pretty I might add), and she’s only 13 (good lord!).

She’s got an album, too, available online ( and on iTunes.

But it’s this song that got me. I’ve not heard this song before and it seems an original… but it’s just plain lovely to me. I hope you like it, too. It’s called DROP YOUR GUARD. (Click the title or on the image). The page might be in another language so maybe just click translate 🙂













Our fave celebs caught on cam during awesome moments

There’s hardly any need for introduction to these. Suffice it to say these are my favorite recent photos that I’ve seen all over the Internet. Which ones are yours?

[I also know I missed a few… catch me up, guys?]

I can’t say enough how much I love this pic. I’m not sure who the photographer is (please alert me if you do!) but this is just perfect. That shirt referencing his character’s previous situation on “Game of Thrones” makes it even more so, as if there’s something much more perfect than perfect! Peter Dinklage also had a photo where he was wearing a shirt printed with: “Life is tough, wear a helmet” and a silhouette of Oberyn Martell’s face.  That’s why Tyrion Lannister deserves the throne. Fantastic!



This photo, and a slew of others taken in and around the Lynn, Massachusetts area from the set of “Black Mass,” sent the Cumber Collective (Cumberbitches?) into complete, utter frenzy. Why wouldn’t it? Just. Look. At. Him.  I almost forgot this is Johnny Depp’s movie 🙂 This photo has circulated widely online but this one’s from Daily Item (check out their FB page for more or where you can actually order them!).

benedict black mass


Was he really walking a bunch of dogs for his new gig? Well, according to director Judd Apatow, who posted this on his Twitter account, Daniel Radcliffe was… Judd’s new movie “Trainwreck” is currently in production and this has apparently been shot in the same area so, since the Internet isn’t dumb, it figured Daniel must indeed be in the movie — though its reps refuse to comment (still haven’t as of this posting). So there.

026242a0-0082-11e4-a4c3-3fa052f2b499_Daniel-Radcliffe-Trainwreck-Set2 (1)


Mr. Selfie King Norman Reedus himself just can’t help it… and two awesome actors together is just so much goodness to take! Troll web articles teased fans about a possible The Walking Dead/Breaking Bad cross-over, or even Aaron Paul joining the cast (haha, good one!), but Norman’s “999” caption for his own Instagram post sets the record straight. Besides, who are you going to believe, Norman or some trolling website? Oh Norman, what beautiful (gold?) tooth you have! And Aaron, you looking whack, bitch!

reedus aaron paul


Okay, “The Hunger Games” officially wrapped production for its final two films. The first part of “Mockingjay” will be released this November, reports say. Part two happens about a year from that. Who knew you could learn the virtue of patience from Hollywood (and also BBC, thanks to the long wait for “Sherlock”). Anyway, film executive Nina Jacobson tweeted fans this sweet pic of a giant, warm, fuzzy hug shared by cast members Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrelson (or, you know, that could be anybody! haha). Question is, why is Woody meddling in this love triangle? 🙂

hunger games2

So, what’s  your favorite here? Or do you have others I haven’t seen yet?


First Look: ‘Exodus: Gods & Kings’

This Ridley Scott film isn’t opening until December this year (that is, if it doesn’t get pushed back) but already, we are given a first look at the director on set with his star, Christian Bale, who plays Moses in what promises to be a glorious epic.

Ridley Scott with actor Christian Bale on the set of ‘Exodus: Gods & Kings’ (Photo from 20th Century Fox)

Nope, Christian isn’t really pissed off. Neither is Ridley.

That said, “Exodus: Gods & Kings” is the story of Moses, an abandoned baby who was hidden by his desperate mother after the Egyptian rulers decreed that all boys born to slaves must be murdered. Found by the Pharaoh’s daughter, he is raised in the royal household. Moses grows up to shun his privileged life and goes on to lead the Israelites out of slavery.

Christian Bale is Moses, a man with a vision (Photo from 20th Century Fox)
Christian Bale is Moses, a man with a vision (Photo from 20th Century Fox)

This 3D film promises ground-breaking special effects to make the plagues that befell Egypt and even the parting of the Red Sea seem really, really, uh, real. Yeesh, sounds inviting, doesn’t it?

Moses will fight to free his people (Photo from 20th Century Fox)
Moses will fight to free his people (Photo from 20th Century Fox)

Aside from Christian, “Exodus: Gods & Kings” stars Sir Ben Kingsley (which seems really fitting), Sigourney Weaver and Joel Edgerton.

[Thanks to 20th Century Fox and distributor Warner Bros.]



He isn’t to blame if he skyrockets to fame after “The Fault In Our Stars” comes out. People are suckers for dramas about young love and coping with life. As Augustus Waters, Ansel Elgort would surely figure in the imagination of many young ladies who would also want a bright, funny and handsome friend… or, who are we kidding, boyfriend… albeit one that could one day break their hearts.

As Ansel wins the hearts of many young viewers, here’s his view about “The Fault In Our Stars,” his co-star Shailene Woodley and even his own place in the world:


+ Ansel auditioned for the role of Augustus Waters using an iPhone
“With the help of a friend,” he said. “I did it in my stairwell. They sent it back and said: ‘okay do it a little differently now.’ So I did another tape. And then months went by. Eventually I heard that they wanted me to go to LA to audition with Shailene. We did a bunch of scenes, including the one where I first meet her at the support group and the one when I tell Hazel we’re going to Amsterdam.I also did a very emotional scene. It was a tough audition…”


+ He admires Shailene Woodley
“It was nice working with her on ‘Divergent,’ but my character was not big in that film… Working with her in ‘The Fault in our Stars’ was the real deal, because I’m the leading man and she’s such a good actress. It was fun to do ‘Divergent’ first; it was great to be part of a big blockbuster like that. But I’m glad I got to work with Shailene on both films, especially on this one.”


+ He and Shailene have fantastic chemistry
“We got along very well. I think chemistry is all about comfort and trust and friendship, and we had all those things. It was very important in playing a role like this that is dependent on trust. We became good friends and off set we’d go out to nice dinners together.”


+ He thinks John Green’s book, ‘The Fault In Our Stars,’ empowers young people
“It shows that sometimes young people are smarter than older people [give us credit for], because we’re still learning and our brains are sponges. We’re still t this stage in our lives when we actually think a lot about a lot of things. I think John Green acknowledges that and he doesn’t write dummy books for young people. He writes really smart books. ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ is a great book and it isn’t just for young people, it is for everybody.”


+ He loved filming in Amsterdam
“It was like a foggy paradise. It just didn’t seem real and I think back to it all the time. I love it when you only spend a couple days of your life in a place, but you can remember every moment. I can remember in detail everything I did there, whereas a day goes by in my normal life at home, and I can’t remember any of it.


+ He and Shailene bonded in Amsterdam
“I spent a day or two with Shailene just walking around Amsterdam. It was great because we had just been filming in Pittsburgh. I like Pittsburgh, but we were working so much that we didn’t have time to hang out after filming, besides going to dinner. In Amsterdam we had three or four days to spend together, which was really nice. We explored that magical city together.”


+ He remains level-headed despite all the attention
“Hopefully I won’t believe my own hype. I’m a person. I’m a human being. People will be obsessed and excited with the character in ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ not me. If I hadn’t played Augustus Waters or been in any movies, no one would care at all about me. No one would be screaming ‘Ansel’ at the MTV Movie Awards, and I wouldn’t be going to the MTV Movie Awards if it weren’t for the characters that I’ve been lucky enough to play. So it’s not going to go to my head, because I know what is important. This is not happening because I am special…”


We’re sure, however, that his fans think he is.


(Thanks to 20th Century Fox for the Q&A)





Of Dragons and Vikings


Gerard Butler has had such a grand time working on both installments of “How To Train Your Dragon.”  In fact, in a Q&A shared by Warner Bros., he noted: “The day that they ask you to play a lead in an animated movie marks a career milestone, because it means they’re not even looking at your face, they are thinking only of your voice. It is almost like your voice is being cast, not you. So when that happens, you go, ‘Alright, I’ve arrived!’”

In giving life to a Viking character, even an animated one at that, he said:

“Vikings are in our blood in Scotland. Everything that I’ve been given as an actor comes from my culture, my nation and through my blood. So the role was fantastic for me. There is a warrior mentality in Scotland. Even as I was doing [the 2007 film] ‘300,’ I would think of the hills in Scotland, I would think of my ancestors and what they’d been through. I used my passion for my country to play Leonidas in ‘300.’ I would almost hear his voice echoing through the ages. And it was the same with Stoick. My favorite three places on the planet are Scotland, India and Iceland. Whenever I think of those countries, my stomach starts churning in the best kind of way, just bristling with excitement. Scotland means the most to me, though, because it’s my life. I grew up in that country, wanting to make it as an actor and wanting to go to Hollywood. But it was always through the prism of me as a Scottish kid – a Scottish kid doing well.”

Still, working on the “How To Train Your Dragon” franchise also holds a deeper meaning to Butler.

“Yes, the theme of tolerance is something that I have a very strong opinion about. Both movies are about tolerance and the courage that comes with tolerance. The Vikings are learning to trust and they actually realize that dragons are beautiful. That is great because it’s often natural for mankind to fight instead of trusting (others). People go: ‘Kill, destroy, defend,’ whether it’s fighting between races or cultures or nationalities. But we can be brave and rise above that.”


He added, “One little kid [Hiccup] comes along and says, ‘Why don’t we just listen and pay attention and really see each other?’ You realize that these dragons have their own integrity and they’re as scared as we are.This new film shows how we can face people who are way less tolerant than us and come from a dark place.I think that is a great lesson for the world we live in right now.It’s hard to be able to say, ‘You know I don’t agree with you, but let’s not go to war. Let’s not kill each other.’If everyone would just pay a little more attention and be a little more tolerant, we would live in a far better place.”


“How To Train Your Dragon 2” opens in cinemas this month.


[Special thanks to Warner Bros. Philippines for the interview]

Olivia Munn: The O-Factor in ‘The Newsroom’

olivia coolbeans

Fan of “The Newroom,” are you? Well, we were in the beginning – a lot. Until it meandered on unevenly, with script that got heavy-handed at times, and performances that bordered on the annoying (try every time Emily Mortimer – as MacKenzie McHale – opened her mouth and did her cutesy Will McAvoy angst thing; and that Jim-Maggie story line that severely tested our patience).

How about that Season 2 ender? It was a cliffhanger, sure, but not in a good way – feeling more like somebody just wanted to get it over with. Plus, Mac and Will getting married? We can already see Mortimer milking it; again, not in a good way.

Perhaps the only thing that still proved amusing – if anything about a show on newsroom drama can actually be amusing – was Olivia Munn’s Sloan Sabbith. Getting a share of the remaining witty lines written for the second season, Munn’s take on the socially awkward economist/journalist saved us from having to throw our shoe at the TV screen.

So the show will have a third season, whether you like it or not. At least that’s what Jeff Daniels (McAvoy) said on Twitter. Though reports also have it that it’s on a longer hiatus to accommodate creator/chief writer Aaron Sorkin’s schedule.

During visit to Singapore in July 2013, Munn  shared her thoughts on the show and working with Sorkin, and being a real-life Journalism major who has to pretend to be a journalist on screen:

Script after (same) script:
“When you look at the new shows that come out… on TV, what you see is whatever is successful, they just replicate them, like by dozens. So ‘Modern Family’ is a big success so then all of a sudden you see a lot of these relationship situational comedies. At the time I just finished this one show on NBC and I was reading the scripts, and I couldn’t tell the difference between one and the other. But when it came to the Sorkin script, it was completely different.”

Zeroing in on Sorkin:
“At the time, my offer was to be on other shows, and I turned them all down just for the hope of auditioning for Sorkin. I wasn’t even the one… like, casting didn’t want to see me, because I’m not a Broadway actress… just some Asian girl who came from YouTube or something, like I came the other way. And they’re like, ‘Wait, no, no, she’s not of our pedigree…”

That time it got a little hairy:
“There’s only one episode all season-long where we didn’t get (the script) ‘til the night before and being on a table read for it. That was the one where I’m not only speaking dialogue in Sorkin, I’m doing Sorkin in Japanese. We got that the night before and I saw it. I had a 6 a.m. call time and it was 9 p.m. And I just went to shock… I looked at it and I just turned on the TV and I did nothing. ‘It’s not really happening…’ I was overwhelmed.

“And I stayed up until 5 a.m. that morning, working on it; and I cried from 2 to 3. Not kidding. I really just stopped and then just cried. My parents were like, ‘You can do this…’ ‘Just let me cry for an hour…’”

This episode, nevertheless, inspired her to plan to go back to Japan (where she was raised) to try and live there for a month and re-learn to speak Japanese. She says that at least there, possibly in a town outside Tokyo, she can do so “and not let anybody speak English to me.”

Favorite behind-the-scenes moment:
Shooting that same episode, wherein she also had this intense confrontation with Sam Waterson (who plays ACN’s news division president Charlie Skinner), “I heard some commotion by the videos and then Sorkin jumps out of his chair, claps his hands and says, ‘Now that’s a f***ing cast!’ I’m just so happy that – ‘cause everyone’s nervous – and the fact that I could please him so much and make him feel that his words were given due justice… that feeling.”

Real-life and pretend
“I majored in journalism. In college, I was writing for the newspaper and the magazine. Had an internship at a local news station… worked at an NBC affiliate. I really wanted to tell stories; that’s what I think a journalist is – someone who is trying to tell stories that the public needs to know.

“Nowadays, I think, it’s so difficult to be a journalist. We as a society have really made it difficult for journalist to not be forced to turn the murder of a child into a salacious story because of ratings. We have created so many cable news programs and radio programs and blogs and Twitter feeds… where it’s really hard to be a journalist. (They) can get a bad rap. At the same time they try to go out and get these really hard stories – and we’re at a time of war. It’s really difficult. I don’t know, I prefer pretending to be a journalist.”

What’s A Hero?

What's In A Hero?

Martin Freeman on finding Bilbo’s inner hero:

“It’s just great playing the hero. It is a funny, self-fulfilling thing in some ways; people do not always see me as the classic, rugged hero, like Aragorn [the character played by Viggo Mortensen in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Trilogy], for example, because they have never seen me as that before. Or maybe is it because of what I have done before that they don’t see me as that. Or is what I do out of necessity, because I know I am never going to get cast as someone like Aragon? Those sort of rugged heroes, they are just what we accept them to be. Most of the people in the world weren’t vastly familiar with Viggo’s output before ‘The Lord of the Rings’ films. He happens to be a brilliant actor and he is brilliant as Aragorn; he is brilliant in everything else I have seen him do. But, if that’s the world’s first contact with an actor, you go, ‘Oh, he is that.’ How I became famous was from ‘The Office,’ so that’s sort of what people associate me with. I am not putting myself in the same category as Al Pacino, but Al Pacino’s first scene was Michael Corleone and that casts a long shadow, if that makes sense?”

[Thank you to Warner Bros. Philippines]

“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” is currently screening in Philippine cinemas in 2D, 3D and IMAX. It will screen on IMAX theaters throughout the month of December 2013.

“The Walking Dead” S3 Finale



In response to Laurie Holden’s article on The Hollywood Reporter and the comments readers have posted:

The show is about humanity in a world and time when the human beings left have been brought to the brink and, in cases like the governor, have lost it. What is happening to Carl is actually compelling bec he is a boy surrounded by death and constantly fearing the living. He’s had to kill his own mother to save her from becoming a monster. How on earth will he not be affected by that? But see, this is the kind of show that will test both viewers and characters… How are the characters going to fight for their own humanity in a crazy world… And how will audiences be able to go with them on this journey, even if they take the road we don’t like (Carl killing a human being in cold blood). That is why I like this show (and there I thought I’d hate it bec I’ve been sick of zombie this-zombie that).

I don’t agree Mazzara sabotaged the show. If anything, the shit got more real with people (yes even character we love) dying. What I would have liked to see is more pay off for audiences with these characters, though. Shane’s death was inevitable (I hated him but loved the conflict he brought to the show) because you could almost see his character go full arc. Merle, though I loved to hate him too, I think his character wasn’t ready to go yet. You could see it in how Michael Rooker played it, the internal conflict. Instead his road to redemption was never fully fleshed out. I thought he would die fighting in the “war” that never really came. I think we missed out on some possible badass fight scenes there. (A disappointment I still harbor days after; come on, you can’t be having your lead say “We’re going to war” and cheat us out of that escalation!)

With Andrea, it’s even more so. I hated her in various instances but her character still needed to go through things and I felt killing her off at that point seemed premature. But reading Laurie’s view, I also get it. I mourn losing Andrea as a fan of the show, but she’s right… It’s was the right death. In the same way, I’ve always said they can’t kill off the governor despite how hateful he is because there is still so much to do with him, maybe someday he will show a glimmer of humanity (we can hope, can’t we ?). Besides, a weaker, isolated Governor would, in theory, make him more savage and vengeful, filled with hatred. Maybe fans will finally see the big battle pay off we all wanted to see.

And here’s a thought, wouldn’t it have been better to have the prison gang scattered but not finding each other ((unlike season 2 ending)? Like keep Maggie away from Glen, neither knowing if the other survived… or Li’l Asskicker missing with one other character which would drive Rick nuts (shades of Sofia)… With the governor God knows where, knowing they could die any minute, that would have been such an awesome cliffhanger. Then S4 can begin with the characters trying hard to regroup. Because really, adopting the folks of Woodbury is just trouble… More mouths to feed, more dissension, more hassle.

I know the producers need to walk that very fine line between keeping the show edgy and feeding fan fever. Obviously they can’t afford to lose viewers. To the fans, if you really like the show or if you love it, you’ve got to trust that they will try to make it better. Still, I hope the producers won’t cave in to the pressure of disgruntled audiences. It has to stay true to what it is, which is what has made the show survive three seasons when other good shows get axed just like that. It is a show set in a post apocalyptic world where the undead eat the living and the living are turned into crazed, sometimes vicious animals. People not dying just because they are character we love cheats the show’s very essence. I will hold out for season 4 and give them the chance to pick it up, especially with the walkers that have all been relegated to minor nuisance than grave threat.

What I’d hate for this is to become a melodrama filled with characters with nothing more to do. Or worse, characters as eye candy. There are far too many shows like that. I love Glen and Maggie because they represent hope and love in the show. I love Daryl to death, and Rick (mainly bec their stories are truly compelling) and truth is I don’t know if I could still keep watching this if they die, but I’ve come to love this show for the great commentary it poses on human beings, humanity etc., that i realize now, what the show is to entertainment in general has become much, much bigger. I think years from now this show will be written up as one of the ballsiest, most kick ass show ever produced, not just for all the blood and violence but because it takes show writing by the balls and kicks it really hard. I hope the producers don’t lose sight of that and the fans continue to celebrate that.


WINNER OR WEINER: Security at Justin Bieber Manila concert

According to some tweets going around after the Justin Bieber My World tour in Manila, May 10, Justin apparently described his show here as LAME.

Now, that would have pissed the shit out of us but then we saw several tweets that said the security up front–at the VIP area– would not let people stand up to dance because the people at the back won’t be able to see anything. What is this? Last time I checked, Bieber’s concert isn’t at the PICC Plenary Hall or something, where a good dash of formality is required. What kind of a pop concert has seated crowds? Oh we know! We’ve seen a few of this kind from local acts, to be honest. As for Bieber’s show, I feel sorry for the kids who dragged their parents and paid a fortune for those front row tickets if they didn’t enjoy much. What kind of lame ass security directive is that? What, did they think those seven-year-olds are going to do stage dives? Did they assume parents would be on dope and would throw their kids onto the stage? Or are they simply not equipped or trained to do something should wild frenzy erupts?

If this is truly the case, then, for once we agree with Bieber, that IS lame. Especially considering Bieber was reportedly SICK AS A DOG (his words from his tweet, not ours)… vomiting backstage between songs, if Perez Hilton is to be believed… during the show and he still performed anyway.

This whole thing is definitely WEINER in our books. Losers. What do you say?

50 Cent hates Pacquiao’s guts!

Ah, Twitter… what a place to be.

See, if you can’t pick on people you hate in person (perhaps because there’s an entire ocean that separates the two of you), there’s always good ol’ Twitter. From lame-ass Valentine’s date proposals to various other word wars that have been coursed through the site, indeed, this what communication has become in this day and age.

Forget word wars on tabloids… These days, even tabloids turn to Twitter to sniff out impending, developing and ongoing battles of the bored and the famous.

But not that it’s not fun for those of us who stand in the sidelines.

Now, a recent report that came out on caught our attention… Apparently, rapper 50 Cent has been hatin’ on Manny Pacquiao and has taken his irritation to Twitter, criticizing the boxer anew on posts he made on March 5.

Alleging that the Pacman has been taking steroids (a type of performance-enhancing drug, fyi, y’all) during his fights, he had been daring the Pinoy champ to take a blood test, something that Floyd Mayweather’s camp had been pushing for all along. And they want a random blood testing at that.

Well, Manny’s refusal to take a drug test before was said to be the reason why the much-awaited Pacquiao-Mayweather bout could not push through. Apparently, as per reports, Manny eventually agreed to take a blood test, but on the condition that it be done a few weeks before whenever their proposed fight would happen. Hmmm… Can someone explain to us why?

Anyway, Mayweather’s camp has continued to raise ruckus over Manny’s supposed use of PEDs and Manny’s camp has reportedly retaliated by charging them with defamation in 2009. Then it was reported just last March 5 that a Las Vegas court denied Mayweather’s motion to dismiss the suit on March 4.

At any rate, the Twitter-ranting 50 Cent apparently calls Pacman “Steroid Pacquiao” on some of his tweets. 50 Cent, by the way, is also a friend of Mayweather’s…

The rapper also pointed out that whenever Manny wins, “he makes money in the US an take it to his country and feed his people @FloydMayweather makes money in the US and feed the homeless,” he tweeted. Apparently, he doesn’t like it that Manny is mooching off the land of milk and honey…

And to bring his point across, he also previously posted that, “If Charlie Scheen can take a test I know Manny Pacquiao…could take a blood test.”

Well, Manny, did you hear that? Make like Charlie take a damn blood test! Because there’s no better role model than the 36-hour partying, drug-and-alcohol-binging Charlie Sheen. Just be sure not to push your car over the cliff… twice.

So, 50, we take it you’re not coming to the Philippines then? No? Okay…

50 Cent Twitter page screen grab

100% recycled awesome!