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WINNER OR WEINER: Security at Justin Bieber Manila concert

According to some tweets going around after the Justin Bieber My World tour in Manila, May 10, Justin apparently described his show here as LAME.

Now, that would have pissed the shit out of us but then we saw several tweets that said the security up front–at the VIP area– would not let people stand up to dance because the people at the back won’t be able to see anything. What is this? Last time I checked, Bieber’s concert isn’t at the PICC Plenary Hall or something, where a good dash of formality is required. What kind of a pop concert has seated crowds? Oh we know! We’ve seen a few of this kind from local acts, to be honest. As for Bieber’s show, I feel sorry for the kids who dragged their parents and paid a fortune for those front row tickets if they didn’t enjoy much. What kind of lame ass security directive is that? What, did they think those seven-year-olds are going to do stage dives? Did they assume parents would be on dope and would throw their kids onto the stage? Or are they simply not equipped or trained to do something should wild frenzy erupts?

If this is truly the case, then, for once we agree with Bieber, that IS lame. Especially considering Bieber was reportedly SICK AS A DOG (his words from his tweet, not ours)… vomiting backstage between songs, if Perez Hilton is to be believed… during the show and he still performed anyway.

This whole thing is definitely WEINER in our books. Losers. What do you say?


WINNER OR WEINER? Cebu Pacific’s Dancing FAs

Okay, so tell me, did they specifically hire FAs that can dance… or are these dancers that they hired as FAs? Just curious. But I do hope they have training… in FIRST AID and PASSENGER RESCUE. Because I don’t care if they’re pretty and can bust a move… I entrust my life to any passenger aircraft or vehicle whenever I willingly go on it AND PAY, most especially. So please, Cebu Pacific, we understand you want to get people to listen to the safety instructions… but BACK IT UP WITH SUBSTANCE, okay? We’re all for dancing chicks! But I hope you’re also sure that people are actually LISTENING instead of just watching these girls in tight shirts and bumpin’ hips do their thing.

But on the entertainment factor… WINNER!

As Howie Severino says on his Twitter account, first the Philippines brought the Dancing Inmates to the world… Now this! I think we’re making “So You Think You Can Dance” proud… So what’s next? For the executive class, a strip tease safety instruction!?! We are so there… Which airline is this again?

So, shall we vote on it?